Results of the charity campaign for children support programs

Riga, Latvia, February 5, 2013, 16:21 / Banking

From December 2012 till the beginning of this year ABLV Charitable Foundation and ABLV Bank organized a charity campaign where clients and employees of the Bank donated money for the implementation of programs giving quality hearing aids to children with hearing impairment and organizing summer camps for children from indigent families for their rehabilitation and development.

This time the campaign gained an unexpected responsiveness – 203 donors. As a gratitude for the donation from clients and employees, the amount was doubled by ABLV Charitable Foundation in cooperation with ABLV Bank bringing a total amount of 132 210 euro for the whole campaign.

Total donation for the program „Let’s help to hear!” -76 738 euro

In 2013 this amount will be spent for purchasing quality hearing aids not only for sisters Victoria and Jekaterina, but for at least 23 children in total. The program will be implemented in cooperation with specialists of Latvia Children Hearing Center who will make all the necessary assessments to define the model of hearing aid for each child. They will also set-up and adjust the donated hearing aids. Additionally to giving hearing aids we will also perform activities supporting the families of these children to act for speech improvement of their children and their integration in the society.

Total donation for the program „Let’s help to grow up!” - 55 472 euro

Thanks to the donors, this summer will be enjoyed by many children, including Elina and Nauris who are fighting and cursing every day because this model is shown by the adults of their family; Veronika and Pavels from poor family as their mother is raising four little children alone; and Liga, who has movement disabilities, but she believes to walk one day and does everything to fulfill her dream. In the summer 2013 we will support the participation of 500 children at the summer camps organized by our partners. Additionally to that we will invest in activities for developing the contents of the camps and in capacity building of the camp organizers.

Thank you for supporting the Christmas charity campaign organized by ABLV Charitable Foundation and ABLV Bank! Your contribution has a great value for the development of these children and for the wellbeing of their families!

We were convinced that the act of donating has a far-reaching effect. The Grandmother of five year old Elmars told us that since the boy has received donated hearing aids last year, he puts some coins in every donation box he passes by, because he wishes other children to receive such a gift as well.

ABLV Charitable Foundation is founded in 2006 by the shareholders of ABLV bank, Mr.Ernests Bernis and Mr.Olegs Fils, for implementing their values and facilitating social responsibility of business for the people and the environment around us. The Foundation is operating as the main partner of the ABLV Bank in its charity activities, supporting creative people and outstanding organizations that direct their efforts and knowledge to achieving goals important for the whole society – to create a strong state of Latvia and a united society having enough to live on. Our attention is focused on contemporary art, children and youth, development of education and civil society. During last years the Foundation has supported almost 200 projects providing finances of 1 000 000 EUR.

Ilmārs Jargans
Head of Public Relations Department
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