Let’s help to hear!

Riga, Latvia, December 10, 2012, 08:30 / Banking

Let our good intentions and open hearts turn into real works during Christmas! We invite you to join and help children with special needs to experience a miracle!

For the 6th year ABLV Bank in cooperation with ABLV Charitable Foundation organizes Christmas Charity campaign, inviting clients and employees of the ABLV Bank to donate for the support of hearing impaired children. Until now we have supported already 53 children, donating digital hearing aids of more than 85 000 LVL.

In 2012, with the support of the clients and employees of the Bank, we donated hearing aids to 23 children.

In the name of these children and their families, ABLV Bank and ABLV Charitable Foundation express the warmest gratitude to all the donors!

Stories about children received the hearing aids

Svetlana, Kiril’s (age 10) mother: „Thank you very much for supporting children as our Kirils who is both, hearing and vision impaired. Hearing aids help Kirils to better orientate himself in the street, facilitate the learning and playing with children. Thanks to digital FM system, Kirils finished his school year with very good grades- Mathematics – 7, Latvian 8 and Russian – 7.”

Story about Ralfs (age 9): Ralfs was born healthy, developed himself very well, started to talk, until at the age of 2 he became ill with flu. After that, complications developed – severe tympanitis destroying the hearing nerves. Ralfs’ mother noticed that the boy had stopped talking and did not respond to questions, so this indicated to a problem. Specialists at the Hearing Center diagnosed 4th grade hearing impairment. The hearing aids offered by the state cannot always help to achieve the desired results and are sometimes creating discomfort. This happened in Ralfs’ case. The family was very happy to receive specialized hearing aid from a donor at Christmas. After three months Ralfs started to talk again and said „Mum”. Ralfs’ mother is working and saving money for buying new digital aids when the current ones will wear out: „Others are saving for a house or a car; we are saving for child’s hearing aids”.

Mother has devoted a lot for Ralfs’ development. It was very hard to accept the thought that Ralfs, who lives in Jelgava, will have to attend the special school in Valmiera, 150 km away from home. In order to successfully start school at his home city, ABLV Charitable Foundation has donated a special FM hearing system – the teacher carries a microphone connected to Ralfs’s hearing aids which helps the boy to hear and understand what the teacher says. Ralfs is currently attending specialized classes at the school in Jelgava, he is doing very well and his mother hopes that next school year he will be able to attend regular classes.

Ralfs’ mother points out that there are a loto of possibilities given by modern technology but they are not creating complete miracles. Hard work is still necessary for the development of the child. Ralfs is participating in Montesori program and attends speech therapist and Children Hearing Center, participates at reittherapy and special clubs for children with special needs.

Ralfs has become very open, sociable and joyful.

These Christmas we invite you to support sisters Victoria and Ekaterina

Four year old Victoria has middle grade hearing impairment, she is attending regular nursery school, she likes to draw and view pictures in books. Her eight year old sister Ekaterina also has the same grade hearing impairment, she attends school, likes music and her biggest wish is learning to play piano. There is another baby sister in the family and Father is the only breadwinner in the family. Hearing aids for both sisters are costing almost 4000 lats. Besides hearing aids, family has to do a lot of work for the development of their children, speech therapy and psychological rehabilitation.

In Latvia one child from every 1000 is born with hearing impairment. One third has the impairment due to genetic cause; however a growing percentage is diagnosed due to premature birth with a very little birth weight. These children can learn to talk only when they are able to hear therefore it is essential to use good, multichannel hearing aids as soon as possible to properly hear the sound out of surrounding noises. The state currently is able to support these children with two channel hearing aids, and many children use them unwillingly as these aids are not able to distinguish properly the incoming sound from surrounding noise and at the end of the day these children have a headache. If these children use good hearing aids from the beginning and are investing a lot in therapy and rehabilitation, hearing impaired children are able to attend regular school together with their friends, to sing, dance and feel included in the society.

As ABLV Charitable Foundation has already gained experience in working with hearing impaired children, the program will be further developed, providing psychological and educational support to all the family for their inclusion and ability to develop their wellbeing. 75% of the donated amount will be devoted for digital hearing aids to hearing impaired children and 25% will be used for family support activities.

As a gratitude for your donation ABLV Bank in cooperation with ABLV Charitable Foundation will double this amount.

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ABLV Charitable Foundation is founded in 2006 by the shareholders of ABLV bank, Mr.Ernests Bernis and Mr.Olegs Fils, for implementing their values and facilitating social responsibility of business for the people and the environment around us. The Foundation is operating as the main partner of the ABLV Bank in its charity activities, supporting creative people and outstanding organizations that direct their efforts and knowledge to achieving goals important for the whole society – to create a strong state of Latvia and a united society having enough to live on. Our attention is focused on contemporary art, children and youth, development of education and civil society. During last years the Foundation has supported almost 200 projects providing finances of 1 000 000 EUR.

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