Let’s help to grow up!

Riga, Latvia, December 10, 2012, 08:30 / Banking

Last Christmas ABLV Bank in cooperation with ABLV Charitable Foundation asked clients and employees to donate the new program „Let’s help to grow up!” for supporting children from poor families and with special needs to participate in summer camps. In 2012 the donated money was used for the participation of 505 children in different summer camps. Little Jakov, his brother Vovochka and mother were among them (see photo).

In the name of these children and their families, ABLV Bank and ABLV Charitable Foundation express the warmest gratitude to all the donors.

Children about the camps

Sabine (age 13). I will remember the camp because of the night guard, rafting and orienteering. I want to thank all the people who gave me the possibility to participate in the camp and I wish there were more such camps.

Henrijs (age 13). I will remember the camp because of great pals, football, walking in the river and night guard. I would like to thank all the people who gave me the possibility to participate in the camp because it was the greatest in my life.

Roberts (age 15). I will remember the leaders of the camp, friends and rafting. I enjoyed playing games, doing exercises and eating. I would like to thank all the people who gave me the possibility to participate in the camp.

Pavels (age 13). In the camp for the first time of my life I made a fireplace and tasted pancakes with bilberry jam.

Ineta (age 15). I like to be in the camp because it is fun, I can find new friends and everybody is like one big family. I can learn something, for example, how to help others and how to live together. It is not possible to be sad at this camp.

Baiba (age 16). It means a lot for me to be in this camp. I feel accepted as I am, I can do different activities and I am not afraid to make mistakes as no one will humiliate me for that but I will receive encouragement and support. Here I learned a lot of new valuable things, for example, how to create a piece of art from simple materials and how to help others. I can use this new knowledge in my daily life.

This Christmas we invite you to donate children coming from excluded environments a possibility to be in a summer camp to those children that have a sad daily life.

Last summer we had a possibility to see how many children became more courageous, joyful and clever in few weeks. Rodrigo was, coming from socially excluded eight children family and in five days he became a self-confident, independent boy with new friends.

Rodrigo story

Rodrigo is living in one of largest families in the town. He lives together with his mother, step-father and seven brothers and sisters. Two of them are with special needs and almost all of the children from this family are attending specialized school. The family is living in very poor conditions, not corresponding to the needs of every family member. People were often complaining and expressing contemptuous attitude towards this family who are not able to cope with their problems and whose children are bothering others. After receiving such criticism, mother had restricted the self-dependence of her children. These children had limited capabilities to socialize and to spend productive free time due to the status of the family and lack of socializing knowledge.

The summer camp was an unusual environment for Rodrigo. The boy had a possibility to get to know himself, the town and different fun sports activities (mud football); he went to the seaside learned about creative skills and charity, he also planted a tree in the town. Contrary to his daily life, Rodrigo was developing skills to work in a team, to present a group work, to evaluate what has been done, to get acquainted, to get new friends and help others when needed. Rodrigo was a little shy during the camp, but in five days he demonstrated that he can be very kind, accurate, cooperative and smiling. The leader of the camp positively evaluated Rodrigo’s self-confidence, being independent and capable to cooperate in a team. She was also satisfied with his positive emotions, knowledge and skills that Rodrigo together with other children brought home.

There are a lot of children like Rodrigo: Elina and Nauris who are fighting and cursing every day because this model is shown by the adults of their family; Veronika and Pavels from poor family as their mother is raising four little children alone; and Liga, who has movement disabilities, but she believes to walk one day and does everything to fulfill her dream.

By donating the program „Let’s help to grow up!” we can show these children that it is possible to live another way and their dreams can be fulfilled. The donated money will be used for supporting children participation in summer camps (at least 75% of the finances) and to educate camp leaders and improve camp sites (not more than 25%).

As a gratitude for your donation ABLV Bank in cooperation with ABLV Charitable Foundation will double this amount.

Please, add your support for children at social risk, from poor families and with disabilities to participate in summer camps:

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