New Internetbank version for ABLV Bank customers

July 18, 2011, 12:30 / Banking

Developing customer servicing via Internet, we have launched new Internetbank version on the 16th of July. Consequently, implementation of the bank’s new brand is completed.

The new Internetbank version has been developed independently of the previous one, it is absolutely new and includes most up-to-date solutions, and therefore it is one of the most convenient.

Internetbank has been developed taking into account needs of ABLV Bank customers, and both the bank’s employees and a group of our customers took part in its testing. We have included totally new sections and useful possibilities to the new version of our Internetbank:

  • New investment section. Information on financial instruments portfolio and changes in its value is available online. Applications for discretionary asset management and brokerage services are now available in the Internetbank.
  • Sms and e-mail notifications. Users can use the opportunity of receiving notifications on all possible current and card account transactions.
  • Favourite accounts. In the new Internetbank, information on current balance and amounts available in current and card accounts to which payment cards are linked can be found easily in any Internetbank section. Also, account report or card transactions history can be displayed.
  • New application forms. In the new Internetbank, the following application forms are made available: application for loan early or partial repayment, application for a claim under card transaction, application for card replacement, application for receipt of a new card, and other forms.

It should be noted that our bank has always paid great attention to remote servicing and was one of the first banks in Latvia to launch its own Internetbank.

Additional information:
Ilmars Jargans
+ 371 6777 5296