On transfers in EEK

December 17, 2010, 17:05 / Banking

On 1 January 2011, Estonia will change its currency from EEK (Estonian kroon) to EUR (euro). Therefore, the following procedure has been set for transfers in EEK.

Cash in EEK can be exchanged at Aizkraukles Banka central office or at “Marija” and “Purvciems” offices until 23 December 2010 (inclusive). Transfers in EEK, as well as EEK exchange orders, will be executable until 30 December 2010.

The bank will accept orders for transfers in EEK as follows:

  • orders submitted via Internetbank AB.LV or by phone — till 18:30 on 30 December 2010;
  • orders submitted at the bank’s office — till the end of the respective office working day on 30 December 2010.

Incoming transfers in EEK will be possible to credit to customers’ accounts till 18:30 on 30 December 2010, in accordance with the bank’s effective rates and charges. All transfers in EEK received in the bank after 30 December 2010 will be credited to customers’ accounts after exchanging them into EUR.

On the bank’s first working day in 2011, all customers’ account balances in EEK, held with the bank, will be exchanged into EUR at the rate effective as of the day of performing the said exchange.

If you have any questions, please contact your private banker or call Client Line at +371 6777 5555.

Additional information:
Ilmars Jargans
Aizkraukles Banka
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