AB.LV supports exhibition Art Deco – the fashion style of interwar period in Riga

July 29, 2010, 11:23 / Banking

Famous fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev will present his dress collection at Art Deco — the fashion style of interwar period exhibition in Riga Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Skarnu 10/20), the exhibition being provided financial support by Aizkraukles Banka. This is the second time Alexandre Vassiliev’s dress collection is exhibited in Riga. First exhibition, Victorian Fashion, took place in 2009 and was extremely popular among visitors. That exhibition has also been supported by our bank.

There will be more than 250 items presented during the exhibition, including real gems of fashion both from Europe and the US. 50 dresses will be displayed on mannequins alongside many various accessories (about 200) — hats, shoes, handbags, jewellery, etc. The actual trends in Latvian fashion of that period will be presented at the exhibition as well. Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection contains photos of prominent Riga inhabitants of those years, and these photos have been specially enlarged for being displayed at the exhibition. To ensure more comprehensive insight into times of Art Deco style, the exhibition will also feature audio and video elements displayed on a screen — photos of men and beautiful women that lived in Riga during the interwar period, sounds of tango and foxtrot, narration by the collection owner.

Moreover, a number of interesting events will take place within the project. In September and October, creative workshops will be held in the museum to allow visitors better understand Art Deco style by learning the style language of forms and ornaments, as well as peculiarities of cloth printing, felting, making wooden stamps, and other techniques. The visitors will also be offered to participate in “Sunday Talks in the Museum”, special lectures and excursions.

The exhibition will be opened on the 4th of August.

For reference:

* Alexandre Vassiliev is a famous fashion historian, interior decorator, scene designer, author of popular books and articles, outstanding lecturer and collector. His collection of historical dresses is one of the largest private collections. It has been collected during 30 years and includes about 10 000 items (dresses, shoes, accessories, photos), dating back to 18th to 21st century. The collection is based on scientific research in order both to preserve cultural heritage and make it available to the public.

Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection is stored in Paris, and exhibitions of it gained great success in many countries — France, UK, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Chile, and other.

** Art Deco as an artistic style developed in Europe and America between the two World Wars. In 1920s, it quickly became widespread in design, interiors, architecture, fashion, and visual arts. This style is well-known and has been very popular in Latvia as well. The term Art Deco (French art déco) was introduced in 1925 in Paris, following the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes). Designers have already been experimenting for several years before it and made this style even more exquisite, but the total of its peculiarities has been named differently — moderne, modernistic, jazz modern, etc. After the exhibition of 1925, Paris became the centre of Art Deco style.

Art Deco, being developed during the period of about 15 years, marked a new era in the history of fashion. The years between 1919 and 1930 are considered to be the time of the last great style in European fashion that was a symbol of financial wellbeing, prosperity, luxury, and elegance. This time reminds of legendary “small black dress” and creation of Chanel No. 5, heavy make-up and extreme thinness, passion for accessories and first emancipation attempts, short women haircuts and straight beaded dresses, cult of air flights and jazz mania.

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