AB.LV adds works of art by prominent Latvian artists to the bank contemporary art collection

June 16, 2010, 15:08 / Banking

More paintings by Imants Lancmanis have been added to Aizkraukles Banka (AB.LV) art collection.

Imants Lancmanis is a kind of person that is perfectly described by statement: gifted people have various talents! He is not only an artist and successful director of Rundales Castle, but also the author of several cultural and historic monographs, and honorary member of the Latvian Academy of Science. Having excellent command of painting technique, he does painting only when there is time for it. The artist has great interest in history, which is represented in his art as well.

Previously, there were two paintings by Imants Lancmanis included in the AB.LV collection: Inhabitants of Kaletu Manor Pose for Photographer in front of a Barn. Summer, 1914 (Kaletu Barn II) and Collective Farmers in Kaletu in front of a Barn. Autumn, 1950 (Kaletu Barn III), which are a part of „Kalēti” series of works that comprises four paintings. Despite the artist’s style is photorealism, his works are very modern. Lancmanis itself defines his creative work as conceptual romanticism and, using thoroughly selected means, is able to see beauty even in most cruel life scenes.

Series of works “Revolution and War” exactly represent those scenes — images of the 1905 revolution, which artist have interpreted more widely, in more human and ethical terms. The works included in the series represent the artist’s own style inspired by old photographs and meaningful baroque allegories. In 2009, these works were exhibited in War Museum.

Having acquired this series of works, now there are 10 works by Imants Lancmanis in AB.LV collection. The collection includes 96 works of art in total. Up to now, AB.LV has invested more than LVL 230 000 in building and popularizing the contemporary art collection.

The works of art included in the bank collection can be viewed on the Internet at http://www.ab.lv/en/about/for-society/collection.

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