Aizkraukles Banka supplements contemporary art collection in 2010

February 11, 2010 / Banking

In January 2010, two pictures were brought to Riga to be included in the Aizkraukles Banka contemporary art collection.

The author of the paintings is Lithuanian artist and lecturer of Vilnius Academy of Arts Vygantas Paukštė – the artist having more than 20 solo exhibitions held both in Lithuania and abroad. The pictures purchased by the bank – “Candy” (1998) and “Poetess” (1995) – are an expressive representation of methods and topics characteristic of V. Paukšte: intense colours, abstract depiction of people, rich landscapes; interrelation between man and world, light and shadow.

Having acquired pictures by Vygantas Paukštė, there are works of 11 artists in the AB.LV collection currently, including works by two Lithuanian authors (V. Paukšte and A. Sutkus) and two Estonian artists (K. Ole and A. Tolts).

Up to the beginning of 2010, Aizkraukles Banka has invested more than LVL 200 000 in supplementing and popularizing the contemporary art collection. Currently there are 88 works of art in the collection – they are photographs and paintings purchased following the recommendations of international expert commission.

The works of art that constitute the bank collection are also available for viewing on the Internet – in a special section at AB.LV homepage

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