AB.LV continues providing support to contemporary art

January 12, 2010 / Banking

AB.LV Sabiedriskā labuma fonds invites applications for arranging contemporary art exhibitions in 2010. This tender continues the fund contribution to contemporary art in Latvia.

Despite the overall trend for discontinuing financial support to culture, in 2010 AB.LV Sabiedriskā labuma fonds keeps on providing support to contemporary art and announces new projects tender “Contemporary Art Exhibitions in 2010”. Within the framework of this tender, cultural associations and foundations, state and municipal museums are invited to apply for grants for arranging and holding contemporary art exhibitions, composing and publishing catalogues and other types of documents, organising educational events.

Since 2007, AB.LV Sabiedriskā labuma fonds has been providing support to contemporary art processes in Latvia. Under the programme “Contemporary Art Exhibitions in 2007–2009”, 17 nation-wide socially-significant contemporary art exhibitions and projects have been supported. They included Latvian contemporary photo art exhibition “Private”, audiovisual art exhibition “Ūdensgabali/Waterpieces 2009”, contemporary art exhibition “Survival Kit” and “Cartoons in Contemporary Art”, and also solo exhibitions of artworks by Katrīna Neiburga, Jānis Mitrēvics, Solveiga Vasiļjeva and Jānis Deinats.

“I am glad that exhibitions supported by the fund have been nominated for significant awards in the field of contemporary art — the exhibition lost by artist Krišs Salmanis (held in February 2009 at Riga Art Space exhibition hall) has been nominated both for the Purvītis Award and Diena Annual Culture Award”, said Jeļena Budanceva, Contemporary Art Programme Manager.

Information about the procedure of submitting project applications can be found at www.abfonds.lv (section Financing).

AB.LV Sabiedriskā labuma fonds is a corporate charity fund, which promotes the society and business responsibility for people around us and for working environment. The fund provides support to creative persons and outstanding organizations, contributing their efforts and knowledge to achievement of targets important for the whole society — building of strong Latvian state and consolidated wealthy society. The fund founders are Oleg Fil and Ernest Bernis.

Additional information:

Jeļena Budanceva,
Contemporary Art Programme Manager
Phone: 2637 2902, jelena.budanceva@abfonds.lv

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Aizkraukles Banka
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