Fund Drive “Help Christine Hear!”

December 18, 2009 / Banking

These days, when everyone wishes to feel warmth of family ties, hopes for Christmas miracle and looks forward to New Year surprises, we want to help Christine hear. Hearing and understanding are essential for living. Unfortunately, there are children that are deprived of this ability.

Christine is four years old. She is a sociable and curious child, likes drawing and playing with other children in the nursery school. Christine suffers from profound binaural sensorineural hearing loss. Unfortunately, due to hearing problems, it is difficult for the girl to learn speaking, though she is eager to speak! A digital hearing device would help Christine to be like other children in the nursery school and elsewhere. Christine’s family lives in straitened circumstances and cannot afford buying digital hearing device. A pair of digital hearing devices necessary for Christine cost LVL 2200.

There are several hundreds of children suffering from hearing problems in Latvia. To perceive the world around, they usually need to use hearing devices. Currently, state only provides them with linear hearing aids, which are not used in other European countries for a long time already, since those distort sound, equally amplifying all sounds. Due to wearing such devices, children suffer from headaches, and also perception of speech and speaking abilities are hampered. To help children feel confident among their peers, ability to hear should be provided to them. This can be done using digital hearing devices, which differentiate sounds and suppress background noise.

This is the third year when Aizkraukles Banka and AB.LV Sabiedriskā labuma fonds invite you to participate in such campaign. Last Christmas, we helped Laura, Marcis and Eduards hear

To appreciate donations, Aizkraukles Banka and the fund will double the amount of donations, adding one lat to each donated lat, so that together we bring double joy in children’s hearts.

If you wish to help Christine, address your donation to:

Fund: AB.LV fonds
Reg. No.: 40008108111
Account: LV75AIZK0001130082670
Code: AIZKLV22
Payment purpose: donation/gift* to fund drive “Help Hear 2009”

* if you wish to get tax relief pursuant to regulations of the Republic of Latvia, state “donation” as purpose of your payment. If you do not need tax relief, state “gift” as the payment purpose. Thus it will be easier for the fund to prepare reports to be submitted to state institutions.

Additional information:
Ilmars Jargans
Aizkraukles Banka
+ 371 6777 5296