“Depositary Clearing Company” - a new counterparty for safekeeping of Russian securities

December 16, 2008 / Banking

With an aim to reduce depositary risks in working with securities on the Russian stock market and to increase the quality of customer servicing, some time ago we made a decision to open an account at “Depositary Clearing Company”.  

We are glad to inform you that the account opening process has been completed successfully, and at present we can offer our customers the highest safety level of safekeeping of Russian securities and maintain all advantages of our brokerage services.


“Depositary Clearing Company” is the largest settlement depositary for corporate securities in Russia.

The advantages of the account with “Depositary Clearing Company”:

  • high safety level of the depositary;
  • possibility of centralised safekeeping of assets;
  • qualitative processing of corporate actions;
  • wide possibilities of clearing and settlements, as well as settlements with securities;
  • possibility to conclude deals on conditions of delivery versus payment.

Hereby we remind that customers of AB.LV can conclude deals with Russian securities, execute transfers, as well as receive financing secured by financial instruments.

Tel. of the Brokerage Department: +371 67 00 27 75, +371 67 00 27 82, +371 67 00 27 90.

Tel. of the Sales and Customer Servicing Support Department: +371 67 00 27 72, +371 67 00 27 78, +371 67 00 27 87.