Aizkraukles banka donates the largest playground in the centre to Rigans

August 28, 2006 / Banking

Opening the playground

Today, on 28 August, Olegs Fils, co-owner and deputy chairman of the board of Aizkraukles Banka, and Janis Birks, deputy chairman of Riga City Council, opened formally the first playground of a chain that Aizkraukles banka plans to donate to Riga City.

Another 5 playgrounds to be donated to Riga City

It is exactly two months ago, on 28 June, that Olegs Fils and Janis Birks signed a Protocol of Intentions on making and installation of a number of playgrounds in Riga’s centre and residential districts. Today the first one of the chain is opened. Riga City Council recommended potential locations for the other playgrounds in Riga’s residential districts to Aizkraukles banka. Currently the Bank makes research, and will choose the specific sites soon. It intends to support installation of at least 5 more playgrounds in the next few years.

Olegs Fils, co-owner and deputy chairman of the board of Aizkraukles Banka: «Children’s laughter is the best motivation to invest in urban infrastructure, which helps our children to grow up, to enjoy life, to develop physically and mentally in order to make their contribution to the welfare and development of this country in the future».

Janis Birks, deputy chairman of Riga City Council: «Improvement of children’s playgrounds is an ongoing concern of the city. Where a private business supports the project, we may talk about ideal public private co-operation for urban development. Aizkraukles Banka’s donation is not only an excellent example for other businesses, but also a real contribution to improvement of urban environment. I am especially gratified to hear about the Bank’s commitment to install more new playgrounds both in central Riga and its residential districts, closer to children’s daily life, in the next few years».

More than 31,000 lats invested in the playgrounds development

The new playground is in the Esplanade Park behind the National Museum of Art. It is the largest children’s playground in central Riga and among the largest in the city. The playground is meant for children up to six years of age and complies with the European Union security standards. At the same time, the park area adjacent to the playground has been improved. The total investment of Aizkraukles banka in this project exceeds 31,000 lats.

Aizkraukles Banka for the society

Aizkraukles banka is one of the top supporters of children’s, cultural and art projects in Latvia. The Bank has made donations for repairs, improvement and purchase of medical appliances for the University Children’s Hospital, supports renovation of Rundale Palace and establishment of the collection of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, and implements a number of other charity and patronage projects. In 2005, the Bank spent 325,000 lats for such purposes, and plans to increase the amount this year.