Aizkraukles Banka offers round-the-clock banking — "AB.24"

August 30, 2004 / Banking

A new service from Aizkraukles Banka — 24/7 banking

On August 30 of this year, Aizkraukles Banka opened up a round-the-clock banking service called "AB.24". Throughout the day or night, Aizkraukles Banka clients can receive cash in lats, dollars or euros. There is also an ATM where money can be withdrawn only in lats. The facilities include three terminals where clients can make use of the bank’s "Internet Bank AB.LV" services. The 24-hour bank is located at Elizabetes iela 21a, next to the bank’s central office. It will be open on a 24/7 basis.

"AB.24" — secure banking

The AB.24 bank features -round-the-clock security protection. Access to the facilities between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM is possible only with the help of a card — a banking card that has been issued by any bank.

Aizkraukles Banka has more than 10 client service centres now

At this point Aizkraukles Banka clients can receive services at more than 10 locations — the client service centres "Purvciems", "Imanta", "Ratslaukums", "Vairogs", "Jurmala" and "Aizkraukle", at the private client loan centres “Domina" and "Esplanade", at the billing centre "Motors", at the 24/7 banking centre "AB.24" and the loan centre "Elizabete". In September, Aizkraukles Banka plans to open up two more client service facilities in Riga.

Aizkraukles Banka — one of Latvia’s largest commercial banks

The stock company Aizkraukles Banka is owned by Latvian shareholders, and specialises in the area of mortgage loans. Aizkraukles Banka is the fifth largest bank in Latvia in terms of assets, and the seventh largest bank in terms of mortgage loans to private individuals. In the first seven months of 2004, Aizkraukles Banka earned unaudited profits of Ls 4.386 million.