Nine-month profits of Aizkraukles banka — 2.966 million Ls

October 15, 2002 / Banking

The first nine months of this year, Aizkraukles Banka (AB) had generated a profit of 2.966 million lats. In September this year, AB earned more than 344 thousand lats.

As of the end of the month, the volume of loans granted by AB has exceeded 33 million lats, while the loans granted by the bank during September amounted to 2.2 million Ls. When compared with the nine-months performance of the previous year, the bank has increased the volume of crediting by 19%.

The assets of Aizkraukles Banka as of the end of September 2002 were equal to 149.9 million lats. The assets of AB increased by 25.7 million Ls during this year, and by 52.5 million Ls compared with the nine-months period of the last year.

The Return on Assets (ROA) of the bank as reported for this nine-month period was 3.02% per annum. The average value of this indicator in the Latvian banking sector according to the data of the Financial and Capital Market Commission last year was 1.5%

The volume of non-bank deposits of AB has increased by 17.6 million this year, and reached 124.2 million Ls by the end of September. It makes 46 million Ls more than for the respective period of time last year. Compared with the end of 2001, the investment into treasury bills and fixed-income securities of AB has increased by 19 million lats, reaching 53.9 million Ls by the end of September.

Proportion of Electronic Settlements shall be Increased

The new service fees applicable to Latvian clients took effect as from the beginning of October. They offer a number of advantages to those clients, who are actively using the services rendered by the bank. At large, the new tariffs of AB are now considerably more advantageous than the service fees offers of other banks in Latvia.

Both businesses and individuals are relieved from the annual fee for Internet banking and are now benefiting from five santims reduction in the price for electronic transfers in lats. For users of Internetbank AB.LV, electronic transfers are now one of the most advantageous in Latvia, costing 15 santims only.

The considerable reduction in price for remote settlements and waiving of the subscription fee for Internet banking are the base of the new pricing policy of AB. With a view to the status of a modern technologies bank, AB aims at increasing the proportion of electronic transfers in the total of transfers. In September, 71% of the total number of transfers made by AB’s clients were effected electronically.

The new Internetbank AB.LV is operating since July, and it excels with high level of security, options of personalisation and multi-user functions. At large, the fees for transfers made using Internetbank AB.LV cheaper by one-third if compared to transfers made at the bank. Whereas electronic transfers in lats are even more economical for they cost half as much as the regular ones.

Aivars Rauska,
Deputy Head of the Customer Service Division

A/s Aizkraukles Banka