Aizkraukles banka new telephone system

August 21, 2000 / Banking

Starting from September 1, 2000 JSC “Aizkraukles banka” will introduce a new telephone system. At the same time a new service will be offered:

Client line: +371 7775555. Customer support and information line.

Making a call to Client line you have opportunity to get the following information:

  • current account balance and statement of transactions (in case a Customer has concluded an agreement on a password use);
  • credit or debit card balance and statement of transactions;
  • next date and amount of loan repayment as well as the loan outstanding balance;
  • currency exchange rates;
  • all the Bank’s services and their pricing.

In future it is planned to enlarge the range of information provided by Client line.

JSC “Aizkraukles banka” Central office and the International department switch-desk phone: +371 7775222, fax: +371 7775200.

The Bank’s Riga Branch secretariat phone: +371 7775111, fax: +371 7775100.

Until the end of 2000 the former phone number +371 7015600 will be in operation as well.