Aizkraukles Banka decrease the intrerest rates on loans

February 11, 2000 / Banking

According to the clients’ demands and the overall situation in the Latvian market the management of JSC “Aizkraukes Banka” decided to decrease the annual interest rates on loans.

Beginning from February 10, 2000, the annual interest rate on loans issued in Lats is 14%. The interest rate for loans issued in EU currency — euro — is 13%. The interest rate for short term loans issued in USA dollars is 11%, and the annual interest rate for long term loans issued in USA dollars is 13%.

From the beginning of 2000 the Bank has started to attract successfully new clients by offering better lending conditions and significantly improved quality of services. One of new services is the mortgage loan centre that was opened in Riga, 11, Antonias str. It is targeted to serve the private persons. The centre does not only provide its clients with loans, but offers the whole spectrum of banking services as well.