Aizkraukles banka has announced the results oh the fourth quarter

January 18, 2000 / Banking

The last quarter of year1999 was successful for the Bank and the results of financial operations prove it.

The amount of the Bank’s assets has increased for 16.99 million lats or 34% comparing with the beginning of the year. As at December, 31, 1999, the Bank’s total assets were 66.59 millions lats.

The volume of issued loans amounted 10.10 million lats. This is 3.8 million lats or 60.2% more than in the beginning of the year.

As at the end of December, 1999, the amount of deposits in the Bank totalled 52.14 million lats. This is 20.52 million lats or 60.9% more than in the beginning of the year.

For the twelve months of 1999 the revenues of the Bank totalled 608 thousand lats. The decrease in revenues in the last month of the year was due to the revaluation of Ukrainian eurobonds.

From the beginng of 2000 the Mortgage Loan Center targeted to serve individuals started its operations in Riga, Antonias Str.,11. The center provides all spectrum of existing banking services to its clients.

As of December 31, the capital and the revenue of the Bank totalled 5.75 million lats.