Aizkraukles banka is ready to meet Year 2000

December 15, 1999 / Banking

JSC “Aizkraukles banka” has determined that finding the best solution for the Year 2000 problem represents the main strategic priority of the bank in 1999.

The team of the top specialists was created in the Bank. The team has worked out the plan of the bank computer system’s testing and performs detailed examination of the technical recourses of the bank.

According to the opinion of the team, all customers of the bank are able to perform their commitments related to the proper Year 2000 solution.

The testing of the bank S.W.I.F.T. system was finished in full accordance to the plan on September 1, 1999. The testing confirmed the complete readiness of the system to operate properly in 2000.

The system “Bank-Office”, starting from the version 2.6 reflects all requirements to the Year 2000 problem’s solution. All customers of the bank are allowed to use “Internet Banking” which is also ready to meet Year 2000.

In order to ensure the informational safety the reserve copy of the information database as at the end of the last working day in 1999 will be created.

The plan for the overcoming of the unforeseen situations will be developed and approved until December 1, 1999 at latest.

The decision is approved stating that all responsible employees of the bank will be on their job places on January 01, 2000 in order to evaluate the proper system functioning.