Aizkraukles banka profit for the nine months of 1999 was 961 thousands lats

October 8, 1999 / Banking

The profit for nine mounths of 1999 of Aizkraukles Bank was 961 000LVL. This amount represents 59% of planned annual profit. The Bank estimates that 1999 profit will be 1,63 million lats.

The Bank’s profit in September of 1999 was 74 thousands lats.

The amount of the Bank’s assets increased by 8,50 millions lats or 17% comparing with the beginning of 1999. The Bank’s total assets as at September 30, 1999 were 58,46 million lats.

As of September 30, 1999, the loan portfolio was equal to 9,12 million lats. This amount is 44,6% or 2,81 million lats more than in the beginning of the year.

As of September 30, 1999, deposits totalled to 42,50 million lats. This amount is 34,4% or 10,88 million lats more than in the beginning of the year.

In the begining of November the Bank is going to open 2 new clearing units. The first one will serve for providing the private person with the higher level of banking service. The aim of the second unit is — in connection to implementation of new legislation for trad to make the client’s settlements easier.

As of September 30, 1999 Bank’s equity capital was equal to 6,09 million lats.