Malware and viruses are produced by fraudsters to illegally get access to your computer and obtain information stored on the same.

Malware can be distributed in various ways, but it mostly occurs when running infected files downloaded from the Internet or received via e-mail.

Nowadays viruses masquerade themselves to hinder their detection, new virus modifications are developed all the time, and therefore even antivirus used on your computer is not always able to guarantee complete security.

Malware can intercept the text typed on the keyboard (e.g., user ID, password and authorization code) and pass this information to the fraudsters, without the user being aware of it. Some malware infiltrates itself into the customer’s Internet browser, and after the customer begins using the Internetbank, the malware loads fake form prompting to enter the authorization code as if for confirming security certificate or due to other fictitious reason, e.g.:

After getting necessary information, the fraudster attempts to quickly steal the customer’s funds.

Our recommendations

  • Immediately contact the bank or your private banker (via telephone) if you have any suspicions about unusual/abnormal functioning of the Internetbank.
  • Use modern operation systems and antivirus programs (protection).
  • Regularly update the operation system and antivirus program, as well as other software installed on your computer. Turn on automatic updates if available.
  • Do not open the files or follow the links received from unknown or unsecure source.
  • Use firewall for controlling Internet access.
  • Try not to use the same computer for entertainment and Internetbank operations.