Make Sure the Internetbank Is a Real One

When logging in to the Internetbank, make sure you have opened the bank’s site, not a fake one created by fraudsters.

Address in the address bar

Make sure the Internet site address is correct:

Fraudsters can create a page looking like the real Internetbank, but it will then have different address, e.g., or

We recommend not using the links received via e-mail (including mails as if sent by, since fraudsters can change the sender appearing in the FROM field to pose as officers of a bank or other institution).

SSL certificate and its details

  1. View the SSL certificate of the Internet page.

    These certificates are issued by internationally recognized organizations (that of ABLV Bank is issued by Symantec Corporation), which verify the Internetbank site and confirm that you connected to real ABLV Internetbank, not a fake site created by fraudsters.

    In Internet Explorer:

    In Mozilla Firefox:

    In Google Chrome:

  2. Clicking on the text highlighted in green (ABLV Bank, AS (LV)) you will be able to see that the certificate is issued to ABLV Bank:

    in Internet Explorer:

    in Mozilla Firefox:

    in Google Chrome:

  3. Pressing the button View certificates (Internet Explorer), or Certificate information (Google Chrome), or More Information -> View Certificate (Mozilla Firefox), you will be able to see the certificate details and make sure it is valid, as well as verify that you are not connected via fraudulent resources:

    It is important
    to make sure that there are no intermediaries (fraudsters) between you and the bank, since those can intercept the connection. The complete path consists of three levels. Open the tab Certification Path (Internet Explorer), or Certificate information (Google Chrome), or Details (Mozilla Firefox):