Safety of your Authentication Tools

Do not forget about the possibility that your code card, Digipass, test-key or username and password can be stolen.

We suggest:

  • Keep your authentication tools in a safe place inaccessible to thieves. Do not use them in public or in presence of your business partners or employees.
  • If you have any doubts about any transaction, email letter or phone call, always contact us to verify the authenticity of them.
  • Check information on user activity log and changes in their access rights.
  • Use your internetbank in safe places — avoid connecting to internetbank from someone else’s computer or public internet access points (internet cafes, airports, hotels etc.), as well as do not connect to internetbank via public Wi-Fi networks, because it can help thieves steal your confidential information (including passwords and other authentication data).
  • Having completed your work in internetbank always click Logout button and close your browser.
  • Create individual user accounts with passwords (a different one for each user).
  • Use screensaver when leaving your computer. Block the keyboard when leaving computer unattended.
  • Use automated keyboard blocking: