Monitoring User Activity

We analyze users’ logging in to the Internetbank and their actions, in order to detect suspicious and unusual activity.

  • If incorrect password is entered 5 times in a row, the user will be temporarily blocked. If such errors continue to occur, the user will be blocked without time limitation.
  • If incorrect value from an authorization tool (Digipass, code card or ABLV Test–Keys) is entered 5 times in a row, the access to the Internetbank will be blocked immediately.
  • If you do not perform any actions in the Internetbank during 15 minutes, your session will be terminated and you will need to log in to the Internetbank once again. Session expiration is intended for protecting against actions that might be performed by third parties when you leave the PC without logging out from the Internetbank.
  • In other suspicious situations, the private banker will contact you.