Mobile Device Protection

Recently, the number of mobile device (smart phones and tablet PCs) users has been growing rapidly, and the threats related to mobile devices increase as well.

Fraudsters attempt to hack mobile devices and access confidential information stored on those, including the data of your authentication means used in the Internetbank.

Mobile devices are smaller than desktop computers and laptops, and we have them to hand almost all the time, therefore the following should be protected to ensure sufficient security of mobile devices:

  • the device itself,
  • the data stored on the device,
  • the device software.

Since malware becomes increasingly widespread and theft or loss of mobile devices occurs often, follow the recommendations listed below to ensure security of your data.

  1. Block the device when not in use. Set a sufficiently strong password for the device. To prevent data from falling into hands of fraudsters, data deletion function can be enabled to ensure deletion of data after incorrect password is entered several times. Disconnect the device from network when not using the Internet.
  2. Avoid using suspicious programs. Most viruses infecting mobile phones are trojans, which are difficult to distinguish from legal and valid programs. Download programs from reliable sources only, for example, Apple App Store or Google Play.
  3. Install the updates provided by manufacturer. This allows eliminating found vulnerabilities, thus decreasing the probability that fraudsters acquire control over your mobile device and access the information stored on it.
  4. Backup the data. This will prevent complete loss of the data stored on your mobile device and allow quickly restoring the data on the same or other device.