Applying Limits to Payments in Internetbank

One of our key tasks is to keep your funds safe. Therefore in order to improve security of working in internetbank, we have introduced limits for payments for each user.

We offer you the option to independently regulate daily limit for the outgoing payments for each main user and additional user, initially pre-setting the limits automatically:

  • for natural persons — EUR 500 000;
  • for legal entities — EUR 5 000 000.

It means that the total daily sum of all external payments sent by a particular user through the internetbank will not exceed the set limit. Also, note that payments between client’s own accounts within ABLV Bank, when the receiver of the payment is the same with the sender, will not be affecting the remainder of the said limit.

Information on the remainder of limit for payments is available in internetbank.

Please note that the main user can decrease the limit on his own in the internetbank, while for increasing the limit one will have to contact the private banker.