Secure use of electronic trading platforms

We would like to remind you that ABLV Capital Markets, IBAS never asks the customers for supplying confidential information (neither verbally, nor via e-mail), such as user ID and password for using the trading platform.

Please contact the Brokerage Department immediately (by phone) if you have any suspicions regarding deviations or changes in the process of using the trading platform.

Lately, the number of fraud instances in the Internet has considerably increased. We offer you our recommendations on security measures during work with electronic trading platforms.

Our recommendations

  1. Never tell anyone your user ID and password for accessing the trading platform.
  2. Regularly install updates for your operating system (the best option is to enable automatic updates).
  3. Install antivirus software on your computer and regularly update it.
  4. Enable constant monitoring mode in the antivirus program.
  5. When browsing the Internet from the same computer which you use for working with electronic trading platform, avoid visiting doubtful network resources, do not run applications received from the Internet and do not open files the origin of which is dubious.
  6. Regularly change the trading platform password:
    • use strong passwords;
    • use both capital and small letters, as well as digits in the password;
    • do not use names of close people or pet names, personal data, trademarks, and words appearing in dictionaries;
    • do not use the same password for accessing several systems or sites;
    • do not use password storing function offered by browser.
  7. Monitor your cash account:
    regularly review the reports on performed transactions, your liabilities and assets. If you notice transactions that you did not perform, immediately contact the Brokerage Department (by phone).

Additional recommendations for secure use of trading platforms that are web applications

A common fraud type is requesting your data (user ID and password) from fake sites the address of which resembles the original one. Therefore, before starting use of any trading platform of such type, make sure the entered address is correct and the connection is secure.

For example, for Orbis trading platform:

  • make sure that secure SSL connection is used, the page address should begin with https:
  • make sure that correct page address is stated:;
  • check the SSL certificate of the page:

More information about verifying authenticity of the page is available at our home page.

Immediately contact the Brokerage Department (preferably, by phone) if you have any suspicions regarding deviations or changes in the process of using the electronic trading platform!