Wealthy Families

Each of us has a family, and for many of our customers it has become a major priority. Especially for those clients, who have completed an active business and successfully sold it.

Entrusting us with care of your funds, you will be able to:

Contact your private banker to receive a solution
tailored exactly to your needs!

  • Excellent concierge service

    Before the trip to Venice, our client received Visa Infinite payment card with the Concierge service option. However, upon his arrival at the place he faced a problem: together with his family the client was refused in accommodation at the hotel, as for unknown reasons, the hotel reservation had been canceled.
    • The hotel staff assured our client that the booking hadn’t been received from him, and at the moment the hotel had no free rooms. Finding himself on the street, the client called the bank and asked his private banker for advice. Assessing the situation, the private banker suggested to the client that he could safely take advantage of concierge service, for instant, to order another room.

    • The private banker connected the client to an employee of the Concierge service, and in 10 minutes, the client was offered the same room in the hotel he originally booked. How a member of the Concierge service has managed to check-in the client in the hotel with no rooms available still remains a mystery.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West

  • Apartment in Jurmala and residence permit in Europe

    Our client decided to get a residence permit in Latvia to be always able to freely travel within the European Union.
    • As the object of the required investment the client chose real estate. According to the criteria outlined by the client, we picked out an excellent apartment in Jurmala and completed the necessary documents to obtain a residence permit.

    • Two months after the first discussion of this issue with us, the client and his family have received the desired status. Now they are free to travel around Europe and always have the opportunity to stay in their apartment in the beautiful resort town on the Baltic coast.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West