Self-Employed Professionals

Our clients are professionals in their field. Just as we are. Among our clients there are attorneys, financial advisors, doctors, professional athletes, artists and other skilled self-employed individuals.

Understanding your needs, we can offer:

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  • Confusion at an ATM

    Because of his work, our client often goes to Germany. During one of his trips there, he went to an ATM to withdraw cash. At this moment a watchful elderly woman called the police.
    • The lady found our client somehow distrustful and the withdrawn sum of 1 000 euros incredibly large and suspicious. The client gave the police his private banker phone number and they called the bank.

    • As a result, we assured the police that the man was our client, his action was legitimate, and there was no reason to worry about and took the client to the police station. They left the client alone, and he was happy.

    Andrejs Jermoņins

    Head of Private Banking Department South

  • To Germany for a motorbike

    Our private client in Tajikistan is a passionate biker. To buy a new “iron horse” he went to Germany for just one day with an advance agreement to buy the chosen bike.
    • Already on the place the client faced an unpleasant surprise: it turned out that it was impossible to make purchase with cash, and his card account had not enough money.

      Knowing that the required amount is on his bank’s current account but not having any account management tools, the client turned to us for help.

    • After catching the problem, a private banker offered the client a bonus overdraft to his card account, which solved the problem.

      The client managed to successfully pay for the bike and it made his day trip to Germany a memorable one. Now he is always with our payment card.

    Andrei Trofimov

    Head of Private Banking Department East