Executive Managers

Management of large companies, state and local government institutions or public organizations requires from a manager being the leader of the team. And we are well aware that this lifestyle leaves less time for the contemporary manager to handle his own finances.

As a manager, you definitely wish to:

Contact your private banker to receive a solution
tailored exactly to your needs!

  • Getting a credit in the process of a phone call

    Our client went on a business trip to Geneva. On his way back, visiting a duty-free shop at the airport, he saw a Swiss watch, which he immediately wanted to buy as a gift to his son.
    • There was not enough money on the payment card the client wanted to pay with but one of his corporate accounts had the necessary sum. The client called his private banker and informed him on the problem.

    • While he was talking to the private banker, his card account was promptly provided with an additional credit limit. After finishing the phone conversation the client paid for the purchase, and thus made a pleasant surprise to his son.

    Andrejs Jermoņins

    Head of Private Banking Department South

  • Apartment in Jurmala and residence permit in Europe

    Our client decided to get a residence permit in Latvia to be always able to freely travel within the European Union.
    • As the object of the required investment the client chose real estate. According to the criteria outlined by the client, we picked out an excellent apartment in Jurmala and completed the necessary documents to obtain a residence permit.

    • Two months after the first discussion of this issue with us, the client and his family have received the desired status. Now they are free to travel around Europe and always have the opportunity to stay in their apartment in the beautiful resort town on the Baltic coast.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West