Some of our clients are people who are, for various reasons, temporarily or permanently living outside their native country. When you are abroad, the main issue for you is protecting your capital.

Our range of services will allow you to:

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  • Investment fund establishing

    The family of a successful businessman decided to transfer a part of their capital into investment fund in order to have a strict control over their asset manager’s actions and at the same time to empower the family members with relevant experience and interests with decision making functions.
    • To create an investment fund, the client was proposed to consider Luxembourg as one of the most popular and respected jurisdictions.

    • Our investment consultants in cooperation with the Luxembourg fund specialists developed the investment fund model and strategy, which were approved by the family.

    Andrejs Jermoņins

    Head of Private Banking Department South

  • Property in Nice

    Our client bought the property in Nice. Nice is an expensive city, where it’s not so easy to buy property, so you must comply with the terms and conditions of the sales agreement, including those relating to payment procedures, and adhere to the deadlines.
    • To pay the entire amount of the purchase the client planned to use money got from the sale of his property in Jurmala. Both copies of the sales agreement were already signed, but due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a delay in the client’s obtaining of one million euro as the security for the sale of his property. By that time the deadline for the remaining amount for the purchase of the property in Nice came; otherwise the client risked losing his pledge.

    • We were in the full control of the deal with Jurmala property sale, and we knew when the client would receive the money. So we gave him an unsecured overdraft in the amount of $ 500 thousand euros short. The loan was approved by the Credit Committee and issued to the client within two hours.

      The same day the seller in Nice received the money.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Department North