Enjoying Efficiently

Our team of experts will advise you on the most efficient ways to use your assets in accordance with your wishes and goals.

  • Freely manage your personal funds

    Access to financial resources and the opportunity to make transactions anywhere in the world is a usual and necessary thing for everyone.

    Reliability and ease of payments provided by payment cards made us forget about the times, when traveling abroad was connected with provision of cash for planned expenses.

    The range of our payment cards guarantees you freedom of settlements in any place.

  • Move freely across Europe

    To have your travelling or business trips in Europe free of complex procedure of obtaining a visa, you should be able to move freely across Europe.

    Many European countries, including Latvia, offer the opportunity to obtain permanent residence permit in Latvia to foreign investors who carry out certain equity investments in business capital or real estate. A residence permit also allows free moving in Europe without a visa.

    For your convenience, we will consult you to make your and your family traveling in Europe free of any problems.

  • Change the place of residence of the family

    Moving with the family in another country is a great event. In such a situation, it is crucial to settle down all legal formalities to make your move trouble-free.

    In many European countries tax legislation is quite attractive for wealthy families. For example, in Monaco, there is no income tax for individuals.

    In addition, European countries provide greater security and higher living standards than countries with developing economies. This also applies to the quality of healthcare and education.

    We can help your family when you move by giving the necessary consulting, helping you change tax residency that will progress the level of your life and safety, and handling emerging legal issues.

  • Buy real estate

    Everyone needs a home. Besides, real estate has always been an excellent investment object.

    The selection and purchase of lodging requires special attention, since it is at home with the family, we spend most of our life. A purchase of real estate abroad, without the knowledge of laws and traditions of a country, may produce unnecessary complications and stress.

    Our experts will help you in finding a suitable property in Latvia and abroad, and will select the best financing option for its purchase.

  • Do charity work

    Charity is a confirmation of our responsibility to the society we live in.

    Spontaneous charity does not always bring satisfaction and meet the objectives of a donator whereas thought-out charity achieves the specified aims to support the social processes and at the same time to improve the reputation of your family or company.

    As a rule, the names of generous people remain in history, and along with their outstanding achievements in business they are excelled by their altruism expressed in the form of charity.

    A company with good reputation will always have an advantage over competitors. Customers and employees are much more loyal to such a company that is reflected in financial performance.

    For many years, we have been involved in public charitable projects, thus we have significant experience in this sphere, and we will be happy to share it with you.

  • Obtain additional funding for personal needs

    The need for additional financing can occur in various situations. There are many solutions for this issue.

    You have invested all your available money in mutual funds or place them on deposit, and now you need to pay for the purchase of some new equipment.

    In this situation, money is required immediately. Understanding your needs, we offer a variety of different loan products, including payment cards with different credit limits and repayment procedures.

  • Excellent concierge service

    Before the trip to Venice, our client received Visa Infinite payment card with the Concierge service option. However, upon his arrival at the place he faced a problem: together with his family the client was refused in accommodation at the hotel, as for unknown reasons, the hotel reservation had been canceled.
    • The hotel staff assured our client that the booking hadn’t been received from him, and at the moment the hotel had no free rooms. Finding himself on the street, the client called the bank and asked his private banker for advice. Assessing the situation, the private banker suggested to the client that he could safely take advantage of concierge service, for instant, to order another room.

    • The private banker connected the client to an employee of the Concierge service, and in 10 minutes, the client was offered the same room in the hotel he originally booked. How a member of the Concierge service has managed to check-in the client in the hotel with no rooms available still remains a mystery.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West

  • Quiet holiday with the payment card

    Having holiday on Tenerife, our client receives an SMS-notification about an unsuccessful attempt to pay with his card in the USA. He immediately called us and confirmed that he was not in America at the time but in another country.
    • Due to our SMS-notification service the client was immediately informed on unauthorized attempts to use his card data, so he contacted us with hid order to block the card.

    • Fraud’s attempts to pay off by the stolen card were unsuccessful, as our risk management system recognized such transactions as unusual by special algorithms designed and based on years of our experience in servicing payment cards.

    Mark Mizgayev

    Head of Private Banking Department Center I