Securing Safely

You have capital and you are considering options to save and increase it. We are ready to present you our solutions for your capital protection and preservation.

  • Ensure the reliability of investments

    Creating savings guarantees that the level of your well-being continues to grow in the future.

    You have free funds at your disposal that you currently do not want to spend but intend to preserve and increase them if the growth is guaranteed.

    We suggest you to use our saving products that will preserve and enhance your well-being.

  • Protect your assets

    To ensure the welfare of your family in the long term, the best solution is different structures for asset protection.

    Business activity may be connected with different economic and legal risks, and therefore to protect the welfare of the family it requires creating a framework for the protection of assets, which are not affected by the risks associated with the business of the family head.

    We have the extensive experience in the creation of different structures for asset protection and management.

  • Plan inheritance

    Each of us cares about the welfare of our family in the present and future.

    You’d like to be sure that the family wealth you have created in the course of your life will remain for you future generations and won’t be divided among several possible successors. Besides, you want your assets to be managed effectively and professionally.

    We will ensure the preservation of your estate for your future generations.

  • Comply with the law and other regulations

    The heart of a successful business is a clear understanding of the law and specific industry regulations, and constant adherence to them.

    Your company has a new partner in a country, the legislation of which is unfamiliar to you, and this fact can lead to misunderstanding in your cooperation.

    Our lawyers will help you in resolving various issues – from drawing up a small contract to managing complex projects. Extensive network of partners enables us to provide advice on international law, and the conditions of strict confidentiality guarantee you a required calm.

  • Ensure full confidentiality

    The integrity and confidentiality of financial and private information about the client and his business is the core professional responsibility of a banker.

    Regardless of whether you are a wealthy individual creating a profitable investment portfolio, or the owner of a large company seeking to finance a large-scale business project, you are interested in having your status or liabilities known to fewer people.

    Our wealthy clients from the Baltic and CIS countries that are interested in private financial decisions and individual approach choose us as a financial partner and expert in the management of both private wealth and corporate finances.

    In ABLV a separate group of managers, three private bankers, are always at your service. This team is always aware of your affairs, even if one private banker is temporarily absent. A private banking team works with a small constant group of clients – thus we are able to provide high quality service, focus on the client’s wishes and the absolute confidentiality of our cooperation.

    We’d like to invite you to become our client!

  • Securely store financial instruments

    Making active investments in securities implies one of the most important issues that is the safe custody of assets.

    While investing in various securities, it may be difficult to constantly monitor the value of all assets. It is therefore important to keep all the securities in one place, regardless of their currency and kind.

    We guarantee the safe custody of financial instruments, which is provided in strict accordance with the requirements of European Union law.

  • Centralize the management of assets

    Centralized Asset Management includes the creation of structures to protect your assets and their management.

    You want to protect your assets from various potential risks, and you need a professional and reliable manager of your assets.

    Our experience in the creation of different structures for asset protection and management will ensure the safety and growth of your capital.

  • Guarantee execution of terms and conditions of transactions

    The predictability of performance of transactions’ terms and conditions, i.e. cooperation risk control, is the basis of any business sphere.

    The diversity and complexity of business transactions make businessmen focus on the reliability of their conditions performance. In such cases, a third party can act as a guarantee of reliability – a bank that provides fulfillment of obligations by all transaction parties.

    To ensure the reliability of transaction conditions we recommend you to take advantage of our documentary operations as well as their financing.

  • Investment fund establishing

    The family of a successful businessman decided to transfer a part of their capital into investment fund in order to have a strict control over their asset manager’s actions and at the same time to empower the family members with relevant experience and interests with decision making functions.
    • To create an investment fund, the client was proposed to consider Luxembourg as one of the most popular and respected jurisdictions.

    • Our investment consultants in cooperation with the Luxembourg fund specialists developed the investment fund model and strategy, which were approved by the family.

    Andrejs Jermoņins

    Head of Private Banking Department South