Growing More

The diversity of our financial solutions and personal approach will satisfy all your needs that may arise in the course of business development or while improving your personal welfare.

  • Increase the return on capital

    You wish to receive a higher financial return on your personal free funds or company’s liquid assets.

    You used long-term deposits with a fixed interest rate. But now you intend to maximize return on your free capital:

    • by using investment funds, which provide historical rate of return higher than deposit rates;
    • by diversifying your investments: leaving a part of the assets in the form of deposit, and investing another part in shares of a public company.

    Regardless of the fact, which of investment strategies – from conservative to aggressive – you prefer, our team of professional investment managers will help you create an investment portfolio that meets your needs in the best way.

    We will offer you options for investment in financial markets – and you can trust us its execution. If you are an experienced investor, take advantage of our brokerage services while managing your investments yourself.

  • Self-trade in the stock markets

    In order to implement personal investment strategies and self-management of your investment portfolio, you need free access to the world capital markets.

    Management of investments in various financial instruments implies the possibility of rapid and reliable transactions and a wide selection of investment instruments.

    We offer you access to various financial markets, the best brokerage services and solutions that will ensure you the convenience and efficiency of doing business, including opportunity to enter into transactions on financial markets online.

  • Attract funding

    In achieving goals of any enterprise development, a significant factor consists in financial opportunities to recover and increase assets. Potential to expand these opportunities is a key element of business activities.

    Sometimes the rapid growth of your company can stop due to the lack of sufficient fixed assets or their depreciation. To further development of your company you need to invest in the acquisition of fixed assets, but your company can cope with only a part of the necessary.

    Depending on your specific aims, we can offer you a variety of financing options: from overdrafts to long-term loans, which will allow your company to acquire the necessary fixed assets and to release money from investments in working capital.

  • Build the optimal payments model with partners

    In cooperation with business partners, timely and reliable payments for goods and services have the critical value. For settlements with companies from countries with low taxation it is important to know the laws of those countries.

    Your company wishes to cooperate with a new supplier of goods, but you're only at the initial stage of business activities and a basis for mutual trust is not built yet.

    In addition, if your new provider is a resident of one of the low-tax countries, even at the stage of closing a deal you should properly formalize cooperation in order to avoid additional taxes that could be applied to non-compliance with certain formalities.

    Our team of lawyers will provide you with advice on effective implementation and administration of international payments.

    We have a wide range of services available to ensure the best interests of the buyer and seller as well as ensure the necessary financial support to your business.

  • Reduce tax expenses

    Both for individuals and companies tax payments and the possibility of their optimization are of utmost importance.

    Tax legislation of each country has its own peculiarities allowing you to select and use such tax jurisdiction that suits you best.

    Our specialists will provide you with necessary advice on the lawful reduction of your tax payments.

  • Acquire a company

    Regarding the company acquisition, the most critical issues are privacy, available funding and a clear understanding of the laws.

    In the case of acquisition of a company in a low-tax country you need the support of experienced professionals in solving legal issues, and for the correct execution of the subsequent transaction.

    Our experienced team will provide you with the necessary consultations to find the best solution for the acquisition of a company.

  • Build the optimal payment model with the staff

    That staff is those people who implement business goals of your company. Therefore, timely payments to staff are of particular importance for any company.

    Fast and accurate settlements with employees are especially important for companies with large staff.

    For your convenience, we offer a wide range of payment services and cards.

  • Make payment in different currencies

    In the course of business, as well as for your personal payments, you often need to perform transfers in different currencies.

    Your company receives payments for services in euros, and you need to pay your suppliers in U.S. dollars.

    Our wide network of correspondent accounts covers more than 20 countries and allows us to offer fast and convenient transfers in foreign currencies. You can also make payments with currency conversion at the moment of payment.

  • Speed payments

    With timely and accurate transfers of funds you can gain the reputation of the reliable and honest company that is developing its business effectively, and maintain mutually beneficial and trustful cooperation.

    In the trading business there arise situations when the supply of next batch of goods depends on the payment made for the previous one.

    In such a situation the speed of transfers plays a critical role. In the financial service market we are known for our fast, accurate and profitable cash and payment services.

  • Increase working capital

    During the active development of your company you can experience shortage of funds for some business needs.

    You have invested all available funds in the creation of a new business, and you do not have enough funding to market new products. Or, in the field of international trade, you face working capital shortage, related to payments for goods delivered or shipped.

    We grow together with you; therefore, understanding your needs, we offer you a variety of loan products that will help solve the problem of short-term shortage of working capital.

  • Refinance the liabilities

    For each cycle of its development a company needs a separate type of financing.

    When a company experiences the growth of trade volume, a short-term overdraft is not always the best option to maintain this growth. In such situations, it is more useful to take advantage of long-term loans.

    We have a number of credit programs created to meet the needs of corporate customers. Individual approach to each client allows us to offer flexible options to change terms and conditions of a credit or a creditor.

  • Overdraft instead of conversion

    Our commercial client pays to his suppliers in euros and sells goods for U.S. dollars.
    • Once, when it was time to pay to the supplier and our client had dollars on his account, he saw that the dollar against the euro was growing, so he decided that it was not profitable to buy euros at the moment, and it would be better to do it later.

      The client called us for advice. His private banker offered him to take an overdraft in euro secured by dollars the client had on his current account.

    • Thus the client would be able to pay in euro for the delivery immediately, and to convert later when paying off the overdraft.

      The client was correct in his forecast of currency rate change, and ultimately the cost of the overdraft was significantly lower than the rates difference that provided the client with an extra profit from the transaction.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West

  • Bonus overdraft at the right time

    At the end of the working day, around 7 p. m., the Client Line received a call from our client – the company engaged in logistics. Its employee found himself in a difficult situation: being on a gas station in Poland, he did not have enough money on his card account to pay for fuel.
    • In this company there work a lot of drivers, and each of them has a payment card for settlements during their trips. One employee of the company is responsible for monitoring the balance on drivers’ card accounts. Unfortunately, in the described situation the driver’s card account hadn’t been replenished on time, although there was enough money on the company’s account. The banking day has closed and the private bankers serving this company's account left.

    • Fortunately, their colleague stayed in the office, and the head of the department, inputting transactions into the banking system, was still at work as well. All parties involved quickly coordinated their actions, as a result, in less than a half an hour, the driver was granted a bonus overdraft on his card account. The driver paid for the fuel and was able to continue his way without disrupting the schedule.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Department North