Special-Purpose Companies

Special-purpose companies are usually established for transactions of one kind, or a limited number of transactions — for example, for the management of intellectual property, maritime transport or a private foundation.

To achieve business targets, the major tasks are to:

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  • Solving problems over the Phone Bank

    Being on a business trip and meeting with business partners, our client suddenly realized that he forgot to make a significant payment and left the account management tools at home in his safe.
    • Fortunately, a few weeks before the private banker made a regular visit to the client and asked him to add several major contractors in the Phone Bank templates. The required partner was among them.

    • The client phoned the bank and made the order to execute the necessary transfer. It took only a few minutes and allowed the client to continue the business meeting with no worry.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West

  • Credit line in the required amount

    Our client is engaged in supply and distribution of ski equipment and accessories. This business has a seasonal nature.
    • In autumn the client gets a credit line to purchase ski equipment in Germany, and at the beginning of winter the credit line limit is usually closed off. In the process of selling the purchased goods, he gradually repays the credit line. By March, the client is able to fully repay the credit line.

    • Not to draw up the credit line or guarantee deposit the following year, the client is offered to extent his credit line. As a result, the client uses the minimum sum of the total amount of the financing provided, thus in autumn he is able to use the credit line in full.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West