A conglomerate may include various forms of businesses — from investment companies to a variety of special-purpose companies.

Regardless complexity of your business, it is essential to:

Contact your private banker to receive a solution
tailored exactly to your needs!

  • Solving problems over the Phone Bank

    Being on a business trip and meeting with business partners, our client suddenly realized that he forgot to make a significant payment and left the account management tools at home in his safe.
    • Fortunately, a few weeks before the private banker made a regular visit to the client and asked him to add several major contractors in the Phone Bank templates. The required partner was among them.

    • The client phoned the bank and made the order to execute the necessary transfer. It took only a few minutes and allowed the client to continue the business meeting with no worry.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West

  • Overdraft instead of conversion

    Our commercial client pays to his suppliers in euros and sells goods for U.S. dollars.
    • Once, when it was time to pay to the supplier and our client had dollars on his account, he saw that the dollar against the euro was growing, so he decided that it was not profitable to buy euros at the moment, and it would be better to do it later.

      The client called us for advice. His private banker offered him to take an overdraft in euro secured by dollars the client had on his current account.

    • Thus the client would be able to pay in euro for the delivery immediately, and to convert later when paying off the overdraft.

      The client was correct in his forecast of currency rate change, and ultimately the cost of the overdraft was significantly lower than the rates difference that provided the client with an extra profit from the transaction.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West