Trading Companies

Traders, more than others, need a reliable partner in financial matters.

For running business successfully, it is necessary to:

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  • Entering the international market due to the bank guarantee

    For a long time our client’s business has been successfully developing in Latvia, but he could not reach an international business level to sign contracts abroad. Potential partners expected to have necessary bank guarantees on the performance of work, as well as experience to implement them.
    • The client was unable to acquire international experience of orders’ implementation, as far as no commercial bank wanted to take risks and responsibility to issue a guarantee to the client without any proper experience.

      We estimated our customers’ professionalism and experience in the Latvian market. His loyalty to our bank allowed us to issue him the unsecured guarantee for the realization of a small international contract.

    • In next 5 years, this small contract has been transformed into a multi-million dollar long-term deals, and our client’s income increased by 10 times.

      This qualitative development of the client's business has occurred also due to a small guarantee that we gave him after having carefully assessed all the existing risks.

    Vladislavs Serdjuks

    Head of Private Banking Department North

  • Solving problems over the Phone Bank

    Being on a business trip and meeting with business partners, our client suddenly realized that he forgot to make a significant payment and left the account management tools at home in his safe.
    • Fortunately, a few weeks before the private banker made a regular visit to the client and asked him to add several major contractors in the Phone Bank templates. The required partner was among them.

    • The client phoned the bank and made the order to execute the necessary transfer. It took only a few minutes and allowed the client to continue the business meeting with no worry.

    Sergei Deinekin

    Head of Private Banking Department West