For Society

We believe that successful business requires not only professional customer service, but also social responsibility. For eleven years, our principal partner in charity, the ABLV Charitable Foundation, has been implementing significant projects for the society.

In 2006, implementing their core values in real life, the bank’s shareholders Ernests Bernis and Oļegs Fiļs established ABLV Charitable Foundation, which aims at encouraging businessmen to demonstrate their social responsibility.

The Foundation has been focusing on contemporary art, support to children with impaired hearing, facilitating social integration of families, development of urban environment, and education. In 2014, in collaboration with the Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation and Latvian Ministry of Culture, ABLV Charitable Foundation signed a memorandum of intent on implementation of an idea of construction of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art by 18 November 2021, undertaking to ensure private funding for the construction in the amount of EUR 30 million.

Over the past years, the Foundation has in total supported 350 charitable and culture projects, providing co-financing amounting to almost EUR 5 million together with those having donated for the programmes of the Foundation. It helped someone make their dreams come true, encouraged someone to express new creative ideas, helped someone hear better and grow stronger.

As ABLV Bank stopped the operation, in March 2018, the Foundation basically had to stop its current and planned charitable incentives. Wherever possible, activity of certain programmes is being continued.

We would like to thank every donator who has ever supported any of the Foundation’s programmes, and we would like to thank our partners – for the cooperation, the support and work that has been done together over these eleven years!

ABLV Charitable Foundation ieguldījums sabiedrības attīstībā