Investor Relations

We are the largest independent private bank in Latvia. Our mission is to preserve and increase your capital by providing all the necessary financial services and consultations.


The share capital of ABLV Bank, AS is equal to EUR 42 080 000 and is comprised of 38 250 000 registered shares with voting rights and 3 830 000 employee shares without voting rights. The bank’s major shareholders, Oļegs Fiļs, Ernests Bernis and Nika Berne, directly and indirectly hold 87,05% of the bank’s share capital. Other shares are held by heads of the bank’s structural units, employees, long-term customers and business partners. The bank is managed by the board of seven persons. The board consists of executive officers who coordinate core areas of the bank operations.


  2014 2015 2016
Financial indicators in thousands EUR

Operating income 108,959 126,319

141 875

Operating expense 46,412 51,933 59 914
Profit (loss) before corporate income tax 62,547 74,563 81 961
Balance sheet data in thousands EUR
Assets 4,169,844 4,928,121 3 849 586
Deposits 3,406,032 3,793,192 2 901 824
Loans 790,247 873,499 1 012 146
Shareholders’ equity 226,901 281,453 321 802
Ratios in %
ROA 1.60 1.49 1,85
ROE 28.82 27.76 27,26
Liquidity ratio 74.74 82.68 78,40
Capital adequacy ratio 18.80 17.27 19,58
Share indicators in EUR1
Dividends per share 1.79 1.95 1,91
Profit or loss per share 1.80 1.96 2,07
ABLV group data
Assets under management and customers’ investments in thousands EUR 1,086,136 1,375,796 1 547 390
Number of employees 891 7971 827

1 Decreased employee number is due to the structural changes of the concern specified in Annex 18 of 2015 Annual Report.

Consolidated financial statements of the bank are prepared on a going concern basis in conformity with International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the European Union. Public quarterly reports of the bank are prepared in accordance with the Regulations on Preparation of Public Quarterly Reports of Credit Institutions approved by the Financial and Capital Market Commission with the purpose of providing information on the financial standing and performance indicators of the bank for the particular period.

Investor Calendar

The Investor Calendar is a useful tool for investors to get necessary information about all corporative events, including about our bonds. The calendar contains information about bank shareholders’ meetings, financial performance, public offerings of bonds, issue parameters, coupon payments, bond redemption and others.

ABLV Bank Bonds

The bank started public issues of bonds in 2011. Bonds are issued based on the strategic goals of the bank, the key one of which is to acquire sufficient financial resources which would also be available in long-term. Bonds are an attractive investment solution for customers preferring long-term investments. Bonds of our bank ensure yield that is higher than that of same term deposits. Bank issued bonds may be purchased and sold on the stock exchange Nasdaq Riga.

Contacts for Investors

Artūrs Eglītis
ABLV Group Communications Leader
Tel.: +371 6700 2454